Geographical Properties
City: Bawfuria
Occupational Properties
Job: Magic Shopkeeper

Buys: Sells:
Item name
No Image Empty Oil Flask 10 gp
Empty Potion Flask (Small) Empty Potion Flask (Small) 8 gp
Rat Tail Rat Tail 4 gp
Item name
Vitoa Cocktail Vitoa Cocktail 8 gp
Magical Stick Magical Stick 100 gp
Health Potion Health Potion 45 gp
Flask of Oil Flask of Oil 100 gp
Small Anti-venom Potion Small Anti-venom Potion 100 gp
Mana Potion Mana Potion 50 gp
Mana Grapes Mana Grapes 8 gp

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