Travelling Merchant

Travelling Merchant

Geographical Properties
City: Conqueria
Occupational Properties
Job: Travelling Salesman

Buys: Sells:
Item name
No Image Deer Trophy 1000 gp
Cyclopal Trophy Cyclopal Trophy 2000 gp
Blazer Trophy Blazer Trophy 8000 gp
Dragonfly Wing Dragonfly Wing 50 gp
No Image Wolf Trophy 2000 gp
Coral Star Coral Star 7 gp
Item name
No Image Silky Tapestry 200 gp
Royal Blue Tapestry Royal Blue Tapestry 300 gp
No Image Oil Lamp 20000 gp
No Image Some Golden Fruits 2000 gp
Velvet Tapestry Velvet Tapestry 2000 gp
No Image Cake Tapestry 320 gp
No Image Golden Goblet 1000 gp

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