Sattnyr Island (Newbie Isle) is a large island located north-west in Avernum and the first place players visit after creating a new character. It's supposed to teach the basics of the game and give the first taste of Necronia to new players. The human settlement on Sattnyr Island is called Bawfuria.

Sattnyr Island

NPCs (outside Bawfuria)

Faramhamphad Faramhamphad
Strahmadeus Strahmadeus
Achmed Achmed
File:Prisoner (Bawfuria).gif Prisoner (Bawfuria)

Monsters on Sattnyr

See this page for more detailed info.

Rat Rat  - Black Rat Black Rat  - Bat Bat

Spinneretar Spinneretar  - Red Weaver Red Weaver

Earthcrawler Earthcrawler  - Earthdigger Earthdigger

Gobo Gatherer Gobo Gatherer  - Gobo Piercer Gobo Piercer  - Gobo Rogue Gobo Rogue

Swampqueen Snake Swampqueen Snake  - Slime Slime  - Sand Scorpion Sand Scorpion

Cave Bug Cave Bug  - Venon Venon  - Giant Cockroach Giant Cockroach

Red Crab Red Crab  - Giant Crab Giant Crab

Beduin Beduin  - Beduin Scimitarist Beduin Scimitarist  - Beduin Sage Beduin Sage  - Beduin Caravanleader Beduin Caravanleader

Rubblespawn Rubblespawn  - Earth Golem Earth Golem  - Stone Golem Stone Golem

Skeleton Skeleton  - Possessed Skeleton Possessed Skeleton  - Skeleton Mauler Skeleton Mauler

Bosses on Sattnyr

RattlebiteRattlebite - TaranterrorTaranterror - Gobo EmperorGobo Emperor

RawlarRawlar - Wormother Wormother

GeogroddonGeogroddon - GerakryllGerakryll

Mining nodes on Sattnyr

Iron OreIron Ore  - Kalemyte OreKalemyte Ore  - Metal OreMetal Ore

Brassy OreBrassy Ore  - Tarnite OreTarnite Ore  - Piece of SteelPiece of Steel

Quimp Ore Quimp Ore  - Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore  - Silverine Ore Silverine Ore

Gold IngotGold Ingot

Quests on Sattnyr

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Blueberry Gatherer Quest 1 no Bawfuria Sapphire Gem
Delicious and Greasy Quest 1 no Bawfuria Sapphire Gem
Frog (love) on First Sight Quest 1 no Bawfuria Sapphire Gem
Lea's Test Quest 5 no Bawfuria Sapphire Gem, Attachable Socket, 2150 gp, Ability to leave the island.
Rat Tails Quest 1 no Bawfuria Ability to sell Rat Tails, 2x Torch, 150 EXP, 2x Health Potion
Shrimpy Business Quest 1 no Bawfuria Sapphire Gem
Spirit Berry Recipe Quest 1 no Bawfuria Spirit Berry Recipe
The Caverman Stratagem Quest 5 no Bawfuria Unknow .

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