Mining is a gathering skill that levels up as you mine different Metals. As your mining level gets higher you get a higher chance of recieving multiple ores when gathering, and the chance of your Mining Pick Mining Pick breaking goes down.

Miner Ragrut can be found below the temple in Bawfuria. He tells you the basics about mining and gives you some supplies to get started.

Types of Nodes

Obtainable from monsters and mining:
Iron OreIron Ore -Kalemyte OreKalemyte Ore -Metal OreMetal Ore -Piece of SteelPiece of Steel
Brassy OreBrassy Ore -Tarnite OreTarnite Ore -Silverine OreSilverine Ore -Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore
Gold IngotGold Ingot -Rubinite OreRubinite Ore -Quimp OreQuimp Ore - Aqualus Ore Aqualus Ore

Obtainable only from monsters:

Vanan OreVanan Ore  -Mord OreMord Ore -Aulorian OreAulorian Ore

Stones with ores and mining level needed:

Image Mining Mineral obtained Renewal time Exp
Iron Rock 2 10

Iron Ore

5m 8
Iron Rock 1 10

Iron Ore

5m 9
Metal Rock 2 11

Metal Ore

19m 10s 10
Metal Rock 1 12

Metal Ore

5m 10
Metal Rock 3 12

Metal Ore

5m 11
Kalemyte Rock 2 13

Kalemyte Ore

19m 10s 12
Kalemyte Rock 3  ?

Kalemyte Ore

5m 13
Brassy Rock 1 15

Brassy Ore

5m 14
Brassy Rock 2 15

Brassy Ore

5m 15
Brassy Rock 3 16

Brassy Ore

5m 15
Steel Rock 1  ?

Piece of Steel

5m 13 (6+7)
Kalemyte Rock 1 21

Kalemyte Ore

5m 19 (9+10)
<> 23

Gold Ingot

1h 40m 13
Silverine Rock 1  ?

Silverine Ore

5m 25 (12+13)
Silverine Rock 2  ?

Silverine Ore

5m 36 (18+18)
<> 48

Quimp Ore

5m 55 (18+18+19)

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