Geographical Properties
City: Conqueria
Occupational Properties
Job: Magic Shopkeeper

Buys: Sells:
Item name
Mana Grapes Mana Grapes 6 gp
Item name
Candlestick Candlestick 45 gp
Vial Vial 85 gp
Novice Spellbook Novice Spellbook 150 gp
Magical Stick Magical Stick 200 gp
Magic Lightwand Magic Lightwand 225 gp
Fire Bug Fire Bug 550 gp
Soulfeast Rod Soulfeast Rod 3500 gp
Arcane Collector Arcane Collector 3500 gp
Searing Rod Searing Rod 3500 gp
Earthwalker Staff Earthwalker Staff 3500 gp
Holy Cannon Staff Holy Cannon Staff 3500 gp
Waterhold Scepter Waterhold Scepter 3500 gp
Ultraenergetic Wand Ultraenergetic Wand 3500 gp

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