The epic account is an upgrade to a regular account which gives you certain benefits. These benefits do not affect the power of a player, yet are only esthetic and time-saving. Epic accounts can be activated by using any of the following items:



They are the medallions of epicness, and each of them adds a certain amount of eacc days to your account.

Epic account players have the following benefits:

  • Gentleman/woman Outfit
  • Rider Outfit
  • Ability to buy and ride epic mounts
  • Can use the command !time (embedded watch)
  • Have no restricted ares to sail to with boat
  • Can use the spell "Haste" after level 55.
  • Can stay in training rooms for doubled time.
  • 'Can convert coins. '(100 gold to 1 silver, etc.)

However, there is one more medallion called "the elder necronian medallion" which, beside giving you eacc days, also gives you the status of an "Elder Necronian" which is a limited edition status indicating you were, not just a player on Necronia during the first month of its release, but also a faithful donator.


Item Price Description
Ic8xz5.jpg FREE A necronian backpack (Vol:25).
It weighs 20.00 oz.
Limited Edition.
34qwsxi FREE A necronia welcome cake.
It weighs 6.00 oz.
The cake warms you with Necronia"s embrace and speeds
up your movement for a period of time.
Mount 10k 2mzfrc1.jpg

Players with this status can get gifts from NPC Necroth in the gift shop.