Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Andy Toughbone Andy Toughbone Shopkeeper
125.211, 122.325, 7
Banker Elliot Banker Elliot Banker 125.176, 122.221, 7
Banker Lenny Banker Lenny Banker 125.219, 122.206, 7
Blacksmith Nathan Blacksmith Nathan Blacksmith
125.191, 122.228, 7
Chef Tonalt Chef Tonalt Cook 125.176, 122.207, 6
Commander Zen Commander Zen SDC Member
Chief Commander
125.195, 122.269, 7
Edmond Edmond Headmaster 125.171, 122.253, 6
Elliot Danguld Elliot Danguld Food Shopkeeper 125.207, 122.253, 7
Elthon Elthon Postman 125.201, 122.206, 7
Fhanar Fhanar Weapon Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Fisherman Jorko Fisherman Jorko Fisherman
Food Shopkeeper
125.240, 122.317, 7
Gareth Ronson Gareth Ronson Shopkeeper 125.199, 122.235, 7
Heral Heral Weapon Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Hugo Hugo Janitor 125.178, 122.252, 7
Jane Haverpage Jane Haverpage Librarian 125.195, 122.252, 7
Jessica Jessica Unknown Occupation 125.223, 122.218, 7
Lady Florence Lady Florence Shopkeeper
{{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Laura Laura Furniture Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Manal Manal Magic Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Martha Martha Magic Shopkeeper 125.187, 122.235, 7
Megan, City Guide Megan, City Guide Guide 125.286, 122.196, 6
Miranda Miranda Secretary {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Mr. Martins Mr. Martins Dealer {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Peter Peter Weapon Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Priest Nuuria Priest Nuuria Priest 125.213, 122.238, 7
Priest Santorius Priest Santorius Priest 125.155, 122.215, 7
Professor Sarus Professor Sarus Teacher {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Ronald Ronald Weapon Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Samantha Samantha Jewelry Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Saul Saul Barkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Serene Serene SDC Member {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Shaman Shanni Shaman Shanni Unknown Occupation 125.251, 122.247, 7
Tamer Ludrick Tamer Ludrick Unknown Occupation {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Travelling Merchant Travelling Merchant Travelling Salesman {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Umorgh Hofflestein Umorgh Hofflestein Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Valia Valia Furniture Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}
Withor Withor Jewelry Shopkeeper {{{posx}}}, {{{posy}}}, {{{posz}}}

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