Bronze Coin

Bronze Coin

General Properties
Classification: Valuables
Weight IconWeight: 0.10
Value: 1
Other Properties


The most abundant item in Necronia as hundreds of thousands of these are looted every day. Often shortened to "GP" (Gold point) when talking in game, such as "100gp." For larger amounts it is often seen as 1k for 1 000 bronze coins or 1kk for 1 000 000 bronze coins. 1 000 000 bronze pieces can also be written as 1M. It's not commonly known that the "money letters" used in Necronia is actually prefix from the metric system. 'K' stands for 'kilo', which comes from the Greek word 'χίλιοι' (10^3). 'M' stands for 'mega', which comes from the Greek word 'μέγας' (10^6).

Dropped By

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