Blacksmith Urgo

Blacksmith Urgo

Geographical Properties
City: Bawfuria
Personal Properties
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupational Properties
Job: Blacksmith

Buys: Sells:
Item name
Iron Ore Iron Ore 8 gp
Metal Ore Metal Ore 14 gp
Kalemyte Ore Kalemyte Ore 25 gp
Tarnite Ore Tarnite Ore 32 gp
Brassy Ore Brassy Ore 38 gp
Piece of Steel Piece of Steel 45 gp
Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ore 48 gp
Aqualus Ore Aqualus Ore 52 gp
Quimp Ore Quimp Ore 54 gp
Silverine Ore Silverine Ore 55 gp
Vanan Ore Vanan Ore 55 gp
Rubinite Ore Rubinite Ore 60 gp
Aulorian Ore Aulorian Ore 70 gp
Mord Ore Mord Ore 80 gp
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 500 gp
Item name
Sandals Sandals 40 gp
Piece of Raw Glass Piece of Raw Glass 55 gp
Explorer Hat Explorer Hat 75 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield 75 gp
Brown Trousers Brown Trousers 80 gp
Leather Jacket Leather Jacket 100 gp
Wooden Slingshot Wooden Slingshot 100 gp
Magical Stick Magical Stick 100 gp
Kniferinho Kniferinho 200 gp
Studded Leather Gloves Studded Leather Gloves 200 gp
Basic Sword Basic Sword 200 gp
Basic Mace Basic Mace 200 gp
Basic Axe Basic Axe 200 gp
Blacksmithing Hammer Blacksmithing Hammer 350 gp


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Player: hi

Blacksmith Urgo: What can I do for ya, eh? Do you need help with blacksmithing or maybe some supplies?
Player: help
Blacksmith Urgo: Blacksmithing is not that hard. I can give you a tutorial brochure, just ask.
Player: supplies
Blacksmith Urgo: I offer you the finest bargains related to blacksmithing materials!
Player: offer or trade
Blacksmith Urgo: Here's my offer, Santi. Don't you like it?
Player: tutorial
Blacksmith Urgo: You already completed the tutorial once, however, if you wish to view it again - just type /tutorial 2.
Player: bye

Blacksmith Urgo: Goodbye, Player.